• Rachel

When One Door Closes

Many of you know I experienced health complications resulting from the physical demands of tile work. After having extensive surgery in December, I’ve had to decide between my business and a long term active lifestyle. With great difficulty and the strong advice from medical professionals, the best way forward for my family and I is to close the business and move on.

I’ve loved working in your homes, meeting your wonderful families, and helping you create an environment you love to be in. This venture has been incredibly fulfilling and pushed me to learn and grow in ways I would not have otherwise. Thank you for putting your trust in me and believing in my vision!

I highly recommend looking for a Certified Tile Installer for your next installation. I also understand that we don’t have many in our area. For that reason, I will be posting a list of questions to ask potential installers in order to gauge their qualifications.

Also, I’d love to see your tile projects going forward! Feel free to send photos or even reach out with questions.

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