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The Comfort of a Split Hexagon

I saw this Mek series split hex from Atlas Concorde at Mosaic Home Interiors when looking for a client. And fell in love. While patterns like a split hexagon make some people anxious, they bring me comfort. So many different shape possibilities with one rhombus. I didn't have a project for it at the moment, but wanted to use it SOMEWHERE, so bought enough for my living room coffee table. Over the last six months or so I've been trying to update our decorating, or really just decorate period. I love the geometric shapes the Mid-Century Modern style employs and started to work them in.

I kicked the project off with an accent wall spanning the living and dining rooms, replicating a chevron pattern I saw on Instagram. Bringing in more black and white I added a geometric rug and pillows, black panels as edging to our white curtains, and a brass hexagonal mirror compilation.

Work has gotten busy (I haven't written a blog since September!) and my own fun projects have taken a backseat to the chaos of everyday life with three kids and two full-time working parents. But then a window opened; a project was delayed and another finished early.

I began by mitering my Schluter Jolly Profiles for the edging (don't worry Schluter, I filed them nice and smooth). I have been loving their 'new' matte black. If I think it might work well in a client's home, I suggest it. Next I planned my layout. While a square doesn't exactly need a template, I wanted to see where the cuts would fall on all sides if I were to center a starburst. Deciding to leave a thicker grout joint around the perimeter to get the desired design, I marked the tiles for cutting. The kids jumped in and primed the surface with Mapei's Eco Prime Grip, a must for any painted surface where bonding might be a concern.

I used a rapid set mortar so I could grout the same day and have the bonding strength I wanted for an IKEA coffee table. The grout is Mapei's FlexColor CQ in black, my favorite grout. For one, it has excellent stain resistance due to it's density, but it also using color coated quartz beads which provides excellent color consistency. Black grout has a tendency to wash out, or not be consistent in color.

And here we have it. A clean, modern, split hex coffee table with a concrete look tile that I will forever love.

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