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Showstopping Chevron

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Despite school delays, closings, and an early dismissal, this project was finished by the end of the workweek. But only with the help of an amazing community that backed me up with childcare.

Thanks Ravensworth!

I adore this client. For so many reasons. She’s a strong woman with excellent taste. When she texted me a photo of the tile she found, I was thrilled. I have an appreciation for a classic subway, but I truly can't get enough of unique backsplashes like this one. They're stunning.

The client choose Claros Silver Double Chevron travertine with white marble by Rush River studios, found at The Tile Shop. Just look at how well the tile ties in with the gray cabinets and flooring. You couldn’t really have asked for a better match.

The tile backsplash has been one small part of a complete kitchen renovation. In the next few weeks, appliances will be replaced and a shelf will be added to balance out the wall above the sink. I'll be sure to update pictures when it's finished!

I am delighted for this client, so happy that she is able to modify and update her living space to fit her style and her needs. If she needs a second job, she could always try interior decorating!

Have fun in your new kitchen Candace!

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