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Updated: Jun 28, 2019

This tile deserves some enthusiasm. Doesn't it sound like you should say it with gusto? Provenza!

Remember the 1960's pinky beige tub? This is the client's hall bath, a cheery buttercup yellow.

When she initially asked what tile I thought would go with the yellow, I suggested slate gray. Why? Because that is the safe choice. I cannot tell you how happy I am that she found this tile and fell in love. I will now always recommend a fun selection along with the safe choice.

After I laid the tile I wanted to freshen up the walls, imagining what that bathroom could be. She was more than open to the suggestion and picked this brilliant blue, drawing the color from the tile.

Provenza is a multicolored mixed pattern 18x18 porcelain tile. I love how the existing yellow is complimented by the tile, and love the addition of the wall color even more.

And let me just say, painting was a welcomed relaxing break. There is certainly something cathartic about cutting in edges.

I have a suspicion they might make excuses to use the bathroom just to gaze at this tile. I know I would.

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