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My New Best-Friend

Let me introduce you to my new best-friend. She's pretty amazing. Tough, precise, a bit of a beast really. She can be loud, messy, and a pain to lug around, but aren't we all? I spent weeks picking her out, so many hours debating her features and getting expert advice. I was torn.

Getting ready for the first cut. Clearly I hadn't started, as my eye and ear protection are not securely in place.

You know how kids love YouTube. A little too much really. Well, there's a YouTube channel I enjoyed when fleshing out my tool collection for the tile company: landberg Tile TV. He reviews and compares tools. But not just the standard 'watch me unbox this and put it together. Maybe even cut a tile.' He puts them to the test and details why he recommends one over the other.

The cut that made me fully appreciate this 8 inch wet saw. Throw on a glass diamond blade and this fragile tile was no match for the saw.

I had fallen in love with Dewalt's D24000S 10 inch wet saw. And when I say 'in love', I am not exaggerating. I read every review available on the vast world wide web. Gazed at each photo. The product reviews. Told friends way more about it than they ever wanted to hear or know about a tile saw. There was one problem though. It is massive. Even though it weighs only 69 pounds, the sheer awkwardness in size seemed problematic.

Not as difficult as the glass, but this marble z was a fun cut regardless.

So I reached out to landberg Tile TV. I told him my situation. As strong as I may think (or not think) I am, there is no getting around the fact that not many people in this field are 5'4'' females. And I need to be able to move the saw in and out of my vehicle, homes, flights of stairs, etc. He kindly replied in less than a day, recommending Ridgid's 8' Tile Saw. It offers the features I couldn't go without: plunge and bevel cuts, the ability to cut half inch thick porcelain like butter, and more manageable to travel with.

And oh, how I have loved my 8 inch tile saw. She and I took a minute to get used to each other. She's particular about her blades. Is a little finicky on startup if I haven't been careful about cleaning up the last job. And she definitely has a design flaw with the water pump tubing location. But all in all, she is my new best-friend.

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