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My first week with a contractor

It's an ideal situation. A contractor I've been working with has been shorthanded, and I've been wanting to learn construction beyond the tile work. So when he asked if I would come work for him, I answered without hesitation. Which brings us to the end of my first week working for a Class A Contractor.

I've learned many new skills in five short (well, kind of long) days. I now know the best way to demo five layers of flooring, how to remove squeaks from an old subfloor, the easiest way to lay cement board, and how to level and set cabinets, among countless other pieces of knowledge Fred shares. I've also added quite a few items to my tool wishlist.

So despite not being able to make a fist without pain from vicious new blisters, hammering my ankle while removing stubborn rusty nails, and noticing my right bicep is already more defined than my left, I am loving it. Seeing, and learning, what goes on beyond the tile brings together the entire picture. And having such an experienced and well regarded contractor willing to mentor me, well, that is becoming invaluable.

Stay tuned for finished photos of the new tile floor and back splash. The owner is in interior design and her choices are perfect.

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