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This week I worked as a sub-contractor for Grand Concepts, who's owner first introduced me to tile work. Fred was working on a bathroom remodel and needed a tiler for the floor. Anytime Fred asks if I'd be interested in a job, my answer is yes. Plus the homeowner picked Retro Rhombus tile, the name alone has me hooked.

Even though this bathroom was a nice, neat rectangle, I chose to make a template due to the shape of the tiles. Templates are fun to me, they bring order to a project and help speed the cutting process when you're working alone. After laying out the tile, marking them for cuts, and cutting, I labeled each sheet so I can install them like a puzzle.

A tough aspect of any sheet mosaic is grout joint thickness. It's a common misconception that the tiles are paced perfectly on the mosaic sheets. I'm fairly early in my tiling days, but have yet to install a project with perfectly spaced mosaics. As I was installing, I used spacers to help keep the grout lines as consistent as possible.

I love the look of these spit hexes. There are so many shape possibilities! I also love that the homeowner chose Mapei's Ultra Color FA grout in Silver. Not only is it my favorite grout to work with, but the gray makes the tile pop and works beautifully with the teal tub.

This angle is my favorite. I love how clean and level the floor is. It makes my heart happy.

Next, Fred will install the baseboards, the vanity, and caulk in the joints. I'll add photos when the bathroom is complete!

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