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When I arrived for this estimate my eye immediately went to the tile samples the client had laid out. Mother of pearl has a unique way of drawing your attention. The natural luminosity is breathtaking. Add in the variation in tile thickness and color and it's no wonder the material is coveted. I left hoping they would choose both me AND the mother of pearl for the installation.

Since the mother of pearl tile was only 2 millimeters thick, I wanted to use a setting material that could also be used as the grout. I had viewed a demo of Litokol's Starlike grout at a tile conference in April and was excited to try it for this project. With only one hour of working time after mixing, I needed to be as efficient as possible. I began by making all my cuts and laying the tile out along each wall. Then after mixing it was as simple as transferring the puzzle to the walls.

The client has a few more items until this renovation is complete. They've decided to change the wall color to a light grey, with either a navy or turquoise accent in the dinning area to add a pop of color. Then a new light fixture will finish the room.

I love when a client is expressive with their pleasure over the tile work. The homeowner shared that they had dinner last night with the cabinet lights on, just gazing at the tile. That brings me more joy than anything else in this business.

Materials: Viviano Mosaici Mother of Pearl Mosaic from Floor and Decor with Litokol's Starlike grout in Ice White.

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