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I was tempted to break this week's jobs into two posts to make them last a little longer. Two interesting projects for one wonderful client: a tiled fireplace surround and hearth, and a dining room accent wall. When he first sent me photos of the space and tile selections, I knew immediately this was going to be a fun project.

Let's start with the accent wall.

The client selected Frenso Gris 8x24 wood look tile for the dining room accent wall. Initially he planned to have them placed in a traditional third step offset pattern, which would have looked great too. But when I arrived on Monday, I saw he had set up several tiles in a square herringbone pattern. I have a special place in my heart for herringbone. He asked if I thought it would work, can you guess what I said?

I love the warmth it brings to the dining room, and the way the chair rail divides the wall. It blends perfectly with the adjacent walls and freshly stained gray flooring. I think my own house will be incorporating a shiplap like tile in the near future.

The second project for this client was the fireplace. More often than not, the fireplace is the focal point of a central room in the home. Newer constructions incorporate a wide range of styles and materials. They're not necessarily the traditional red brick you may be thinking of. However, that doesn't mean your older home needs to hold on to that classic brick.

Check out this tile for the fireplace face! Patch Art Light 7.5x7.5 ceramic tile has a matte white background with glazed cream patterns on the surface. A one-of-a-kind work of art, no two pieces are the same. By far the most unique tile I've worked with to date. The hearth was completed with Meram Blanc Carrara 8x18 marble and a matching bullnose trim.

I'm so grateful to have worked with this client! His positive outlook was encouraging and infectious. A pleasant week and a fun project - this week was certainly a success.

*Excuse the firebox. It will soon be painted black and have a lovely screen.

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