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Happy Anniversary!

July 11th makes one year; hard to believe it. Last summer around this time I was weighing whether this company was even feasible. I would be leaving an office job that I held for 12 years to pursue a completely new trade, new career, and the risk of a start up.

It really has been a whirlwind.

My husband asked me the other day if I was proud. And I honestly wouldn’t use that word. I don’t think I’ve had time, until now, to step back and look at all that has happened. All that has been accomplished. So much new knowledge, with a deep desire and urgency to learn more and to be the best. This drive to be better has taken me to a global tile conference, trainings, and possibly more importantly a community where I feel I belong. I really think I have found my people.

I’ve meet some extremely talented installers/contractors/business owners who have been more than willing to answer my incessant questions and let me shadow them on job sites. Thanks Paige Pomerene and Justin Tirelli! Your guidance has been invaluable.

I’ve also been fortunate to have clients who have taken, admittedly, a bit of a risk on me. When the Blending Hexagons client shared what they were thinking, I told them I hadn’t done it before. but would LOVE to. And now that project will always be one of my favorites. Accent walls with fun layouts, backsplashes that were planned as classic subway but let me do herringbone and they loved it, these are the projects I adore.

There are so many reasons I enjoy this work. I love working with my hands. The puzzles a layout creates, the problem solving, the challenge, the beauty in the finished project. These are all what draws me to tile. But more than anything it’s seeing how much a client loves their finished project. I get to see them fall in love with their home all over again. Or for the first time.

Thank you for spending this last year with me. For referring me to your friends and neighbors. For your encouraging words. My incredibly supportive family, client’s, and this community are the reasons I’m rolling into this second year with an established business and a career I am truly happy with.

Thank you!

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