• Rachel

Guess What Doesn't Belong

When these client's moved into their home it was clear the previous owner loved orange. It was everywhere. Since then, they've done a beautiful job doing renovations themselves. The last reminder of the previous style was the backsplash.

With modern Ikea cabinets, granite counters, and new appliances, that old tile just didn't belong.

The owner's found their new tile at Community Forklift - a non-profit store I cannot wait to visit, selling surplus and gently used building supplies. The tile is Skyline by Avenue Mosaic. Each sheet is comprised of metal, marble, glass, and stone tiles in three different widths.

This tile was fun to work with. The combination of varying widths and the perfect distance between counter and cupboards made it simple to install. An added bonus? Now the owner's don't have to be reminded of the 80's unless they chose to be.

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