• Rachel

Glossy Gray

This was the first backsplash of the year, and the most alone time I've had since the kids went on break over two weeks ago. It was highly enjoyable. The project also forced me get a jump on my 2019 fitness goals. The temperature on Monday was a crisp 35°F, so instead of saving a pile of wet saw cuts, I cut as needed, sprinting to and from the house. Gotta love those step counters!

My client is in the process of remodeling her kitchen. Having replaced the cabinets and countertops, she was ready for the fun part: tile. She chose 3x12 Slate Gray Ceramic Tile by Canvas. It matches a shade of gray in the countertop precisely. I used a third step pattern with a pencil trim to finish off the exposed end. Then used Mapei's grout and caulk in Frost to complete the work.

I’m continually impressed with how well glossy ceramic tile reflects light, making the room feel brighter and bigger, even on this cloudy day.

Enjoy your kitchen Melissa!

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