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Four Months, Six days, and Several Projects Later

Even prior to February 17th, my blog posts had been sporadic. I found myself having a hard enough time keeping up with emails and office work while spending long days on jobsites. Enter COVID-19. As with many of you, I made the decision to be home with my family when conditions were questionable and homeowners were wary of sharing their only protected space with a stranger.

I returned to work on June 1st and have been working on projects here and there when both the client and I are comfortable with the environment, but I haven't been sharing those projects with you! Sure, I'll post a few photos on social media, but have fallen short of giving you more of an inside look.

Here are lots of photos and a bit of commentary on the the last few months and the projects missing from this blog. I hope they find you well and help provide a few ideas as you're thinking of ways to update or modify your own home.

When I wasn't able to work I turned to baking breads and desserts, puzzles, and audiobooks. I may have developed a puzzle addiction. When you think about it, what is a tile installation? A big, beautiful jigsaw puzzle. (I must confess, these are only a few).

In the beginning I needed to stay active and finished a few home projects. In addition to the feature wall and coffee table, we now have a fully functioning hall closet, new shelving in the kitchen, and a freshly caulked bathroom.

Meanwhile, my son has taken full advantage of tile materials sitting around the house. Last week he built a fort completely made of Schluter products.

Lastly and much needed, you'll no longer see me pull up with a crossover SUV packed to the brim. Tile by Rachel now has a gorgeous RAM Truck to meet all of your project hauling needs. And oh, how I love this truck.

Now for the tile! As I'm going through the photos there are definitely two projects that have been the most popular - backsplashes and fireplaces.

Fireplaces have been a huge hit lately. In the only last week I've sent off around 10 estimates for fireplace remodels. Here are the ones you've missed. I almost feel guilty picking a favorite, but I'm still in love with the cobalt blue and white Adagio.

The second most popular project has been backsplashes - anything from white subway tile to black and white encaustic and glossy arabesque. I tried to gather them all from the missing months, but am sure some aren't pictured. What I love about a backsplash is that it completes the kitchen. You never realize how much it was missing until it's there.

I love the detail work that these projects require. Where a bathroom's focus is generally more on functionality, these are more for style. It's always fun to see what each client gravitates toward, the even better making it happen.

Watch for more blog posts! I have some bathrooms coming up where I'll share more of the step by step process of remodeling. I can't wait to see the tile each homeowner chooses!

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