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Fan the Flames: A Fireplace Makeover

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Bold accent walls like this are my favorite type of tile projects. And while I would have loved to have my hands in this project from start to finish, I'm happy I could come in, clean it up, and finish it off.

This week's client had been having work done on their home by a family friend. During that time he became ill and was unable to complete the tile work. A handful of weeks passed before hiring me to finish the job. I started by chipping away at the hardened thinset and removing loose and broken tiles. Then grinding the remaining bumps and cleaning the grout joints with a rotary tool. After a full day of prep, I was ready to set tile.

The client selected Villa's Peacock Fan Crackled Ceramic Mosaic with Pure's Shadow Glass Pencil for the trim on the wall. I love the statement these blues and greens make The crackle adds another level of texture, piling on character. Pulling out the deep blue from the fan tile, they chose Canvas' La Belle Antique Blue Polished Ceramic for the hearth.

This fireplace is just one of the home projects in the works. Soon they'll have built in bookcases on either side to the fireplace and will be refinishing their hardwood floors. I can't wait to see the completed space!

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