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Dimensional Veining in all it's Glory

This existing tile was not my friend. I began to remove it gently, or I tried to, wanting to preserve the wall and tile over. Tried an extremely sharp pry bar, a grout removal dremel attachment, and chisels. The wall was determined to come off with the tile. Which is good really, it means the tile was installed well.

A day of demo and new drywall, and I was ready to tile.

The homeowners are new to the area and have been doing a bit of remodeling as they settle in. New countertops and this beautiful new tile were their first steps to make the kitchen their own.

Each piece of this 3x6 Carrara White Honed Marble tile is unique. The dimensional veining provides an interesting variety with gray and hints of gold on a background of clean white. Usually prone to use patterns, it was fun to choose tiles at random and see the effect.

The natural stone was a pleasure to work with and a nice change from my recent jobs; cutting was so smooth. The clients were great too! Is it just me, or do other people's children always seem so much quieter and well behaved than your own?!

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