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Clean, Classic, and Calm

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Clean, classic, and calm - all are wonderful attributes to have in a kitchen. The client kept the original cabinet boxes, having them painted white and adding shaker doors with black hardware to add contrast. After having the new counters installed, she was ready for tile.

Cutting this tile was fun. Glass can be tricky; the back likes to chip, which can be seen through the face of the tile. The key is to have an excellent blade (Alpha's Vetro Glass Diamond Blade in my case), keep the water flowing on the saw, reduce vibration, and cut SLOWLY. Thankfully my client selected an excellent quality tile from Mosaic Tile, 3x12 Feather. It was nice and thick and even allowed for some funky cuts.

Even on an overcast day the glass tile catches the sunlight, making an already fresh space feel brighter and more open. The homeowner made a comment that summed up the beauty of this style kitchen, noting that a palette of grey and white creates a base for you to add your own style with pops of color and decor. I I'm so glad she shared photos after decorating!

I love that this homeowner can walk into her beautiful kitchen each morning. I can feel the calming this kitchen will bring.

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