• Rachel

Blending hexagons – Part 3 of 3

I’m not sure I can accurately describe how much I enjoyed this job. Mixing materials and the creativity it required energized me. The client sharing that she felt it came out better than she had pictured topped it off.

The floor tiles uses for this project were 7x8 inch Hexatile ceramic in matte white, gray, and black by Equipe Ceramicas, found at Home Depot. I used Mapei grout and caulk in Frost to finish them off.

I love the transformation. The hexagon being part of the floor, blending it out into the hardwood, and climbing up the wall and cabinet. It’s such an interesting and unique look. I feel privileged to have been a part of it. And I’m already planning how to incorporate it into my own home when we redo the kitchen floor.

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